Episode 73

Disciple Up # 73
Watchman Nee & Sit, Walk, Stand
By Louie Marsh, 9-12-2018

His Life:


Watchman Nee, Suffer for China – https://goo.gl/RcwG8v

Against the Tide, the Story of Watchman Nee – https://goo.gl/uX2v2B

Avoid anything written by Witness Lee – disciple of Watchman Nee who went off the deep end and found the Local Church cult.

Recommended Watchman Nee Books:

Sit, Walk Stand – https://goo.gl/icbDw8

The Normal Christian Life – https://goo.gl/YGMHwZ

What Shall This Man Do? https://goo.gl/cNsBKB

Changed Into His Likeness https://goo.gl/hzkksa

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